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Binge Watching Sex and the City

I’ve had some extra time on my hands lately, and my first thought with that was “I should binge watch Sex and the City”. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching that series, it is quite hilarious.

The first time I watched the show, I was a teenager and although I thought I could relate to it, as you get older that “relatable” title really takes the crown. Also- for those of you who think it’s a show just about sex, it’s more than that.

Although my life may not be as glamourous as Carrie Bradshaw’s, with her shoes and her handful of gorgeous men. The conversations between her and her friends, and experiencing your twenties-or in their case, their thirties- is the most relatable part of all. Something that takes part in every episode is the groups casual conversations at brunch. The constant wonder of “Why?” “What’s next?” and “Where does that leave me?” are the most relatable. Carrie Bradshaw has her foundation in her friends, the rest of the parts are just accessories.

So WHY do we worry? Why do we work ourselves up everyday for no reason. As someone who constantly lives in their head, why should I do that when I do have a good life? I don’t have the things that Carrie Bradshaw has, in fact I have it a lot easier than her. BUT yet we still worry, and ask all our friends for whatever kind of advice to solve some mediocre problem.

WHATS NEXT? Well how the hell am I really supposed to know that? When I was a teenager I wanted to be everything and anything in between. I had a conversation with my sister a week ago- and she told me we group up in this society with all these pressures. Go to school, get married in your twenties, own a house and have babies. Yes, that is what I wanted, and everyday I beat myself up that I still have to rent an apartment. But let’s be serious- I’m 23 almost 24, I don’t need to own a home. I do NOT need to be putting this internal and external pressure on myself to have it all together. If it happens, it WILL happen. And I’m not going to rush or push it.

So, WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE ME? I’m honestly not quite sure. I’d like to say have these little realizations from time to time would leave me feeling more fulfilled. But nope, in fact it leaves me a little lost. But optimism is the key point. Goals are good, but drastic goals are too much.

At the end of every episode, Carrie always makes a statement at the end. What I’ve gathered from those, is that almost all of them end on a optimistic note. A sound of hope and at the end of the battle the girls each faced. You can be an optimist or a pessimist. You can make that final call. Most days I am the sarcastic pessimist, but today I’m choosing to be the optimist. Although it isn’t easy, it’s a work in process.



Oh the Joy of Writing

2017-05-26_02.14.12.jpgIt’s a wonderful feeling when you actually begin to feel inspired isn’t it? The words pour out and your fingers never stop typing. That is until you hit that magical ‘What the fuck’ moment. What the hell am I writing?

I have about three different journals, all used for different purposes.

  1. I have the “Everyday Journal”. I document the feelings of happiness and sadness. Nothing inspirational, Just the ‘I hate the world’ kind of crap.
  2. Then, I have the “Memories Journal”, and yes I know what you’re thinking. It does differ from the first one because these are long lost memories and that sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of. This journal has no specific dates, just feelings and the memories and impressions it left behind.
  3. Lastly, I have my “Inspiration Journal”. This guy is the most messed up one of all. It adds both the “Everyday” and “Memories” journals together. But, it twists those events into some other version of the truth.

Every piece of writing is important, and I know from my works. The best part is combining all three of those journals into my pieces. You grab the feelings of today, take the situation of three years ago and create a whole new ending.

But why is it so hard to create something so appealing? Time and time again, I find myself inspired in the wee hours of night writing monologues. Only to find the next day my crazy idea was horrendously written.

In university I had to write monologues every week for my playwriting class. I spent countless amount of hours trying to please my professor, and she was never pleased with anything I wrote. She wanted more every time. Specifically one time, I was asked to write a piece on a relationship, whether it was a romantic relationship or a family one, it needed to feel real. I wrote the monologue in ten minutes, and I thought it was the worst piece I’d ever written. It was jumbles of words thrown together, raw emotion. My professor loved it, and for the longest time I couldn’t comprehend why.

I understand now that it was my writing, it wasn’t edited five times over. I didn’t delete any words. I just wrote, and felt every emotion. I created this gorgeous piece just from allowing myself to give in to it. Yes, it might have been shit. But she saw the wheels turning in my head somehow. She knew I was headed in the right direction, she saw something I didn’t see at the time. Potential.

That all being said, I often delete word after word until I think it fits correctly. But, drafting has been the biggest process of it all. Your first write, certainly won’t be your last. It’s a draft for your next bigger and better idea. I have a whole damn journal full of my drafts.

Just remember, it’s always a little bit of yesterdays emotion, last year’s memory and also your own creative spin.¬†These three steps have inspired me through out the last couple months, and yes it’s a rough process. But everyday is a new inspiration and perhaps someday they’ll be blended together into something better and stronger.