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Summer Days

20414000_10159465528200157_986390665154093923_oSo as most of us are quickly realizing, today is the first day of August. My thoughts consume of ‘Where the fuck did summer go?’, ‘Why am I still not tanned?’ and ‘What have I been doing?’. I always used to find it annoying when I would hear people saying, “Time is going by so quickly”, but now I’m realizing they are not wrong.

Summer used to be a goal for us, it meant relaxation and freedom. Perhaps for some those things still apply, but for many it’s just any other season. We still work, we still have our daily routine and most times we don’t get a chance to escape reality.  When I was a kid, every summer would be a new adventure. It didn’t mean that it had to be exploring half way across the world, but it was something I looked forward to.

I was sitting out on my balcony this morning, little to the traffic and the birds. And I felt more relaxed than I had in a while. I heard the kids laughing while they headed to the park and it reminded me of my summer youth.

Everyday was spent outside; whether it was at the park, jumping on a trampoline, swimming in a friends pool. Everyday was lived how we wanted it.  I look at myself, and wonder what I’ve been doing. My days off are spent cleaning- maybe doing laundry. On the hottest of days I spend it inside watching a show on Netflix. But why? I can tell you that’s probably why I’m not tanned. You cannot get tanned lazing on your couch all day, just saying.

I think we often forget how fortunate we are to experience the beautiful things in this world. We get to experience four different seasons, all with their faults of course. But each one brings us some happiness to our lives. Making the most of your summer though, doesn’t require you to quit your job, or spend all your money. It could be as easy as sitting outside on your balcony listening to the sounds and feeling the sun brush your skin. Maybe it’s taking a walk through the park with your favourite person. Make it what you want.

This is just a reminder that we can still feel the same things we did as children. We can feel the same sort of freedom and relaxation. This time shouldn’t be spend dwelling on the adventures we could have and don’t have because we don’t have the copious amounts of time, or the endless amounts of money (Our parents money). Make them happen, go for it.  Life isn’t expensive if you make it that way.  Enjoy your August.