Stages of Unemployment

As I’m nearing my end of my “lovely” unemployment time, I reflect on the many stages of being an “Unemployed Person”. Not all stages are depressing- in fact there are even some happy moments in there.

It all starts with the initial Denial. Maybe you had another job, and you were let go or laid off. Perhaps you’ve just gotten out of University, which trust me that pretty much feels like a full-time job. Whatever point in your life you’re at that moment, well it sucks because you’ve just realized I only have this amount of time before all my money is going to be eaten up by rent, groceries, birthdays, weddings and pretty much everything else adults are expected to pay for. Yup, you’re feeling that deep depression kick in and you know it sucks, but hey this is merely the first stage.

So what now huh? You are currently unemployed and have all this time to yourself. Take a minute and breathe, Relax. Whatever you were locked into before, you aren’t anymore. Allow yourself to stay up an hour later, take a second and have a nice warm bath. Listen to music because you want to listen to it, not because it’s on in the care. Take one minute just for yourself, sleep in a little later. Don’t you feel a little more at ease? You actually had the time to make yourself a healthy lunch instead of buying from that crappy sandwich place. Today is a good day.

So now that you’re relaxed, time to get your ass back into gear. You’ve given yourself a week of full relaxation, you’re completely rested. Lovely. Well now, Motivate Yourself by doing things that are going to make you feel some sort of accomplishment. No, you’re not going to be going to work for 9:00, but you can still get up at 8:00 and start your new routine. Go for a walk, a run or even a bike ride. Start your day working your muscles, exercise is extremely important. Obviously it’s important for your health, but it’s very important for your mental health. I know when I apply myself into being more active everyday, it makes my days feel a little more worth while.

With that motivation always on your mind to better yourself, look at the next obvious step. Get on that Job Hunt. I know it’s gruesome, annoying and the rejection can be overwhelming. But you have to push yourself to continue to apply. Work on your resume. Check at least once everyday, because new opportunities are ALWAYS arising. I had a routine of checking in the morning when I first wake, and then once again after dinner. Jobs will continue to pop up, and no you’re not going to hear from all these jobs but you will know that you tried. One of theses “tries” will eventually become a success story/

I know it’s extremely hard to see the silver lining sometimes during these times, but it IS there. Unemployment is a word that mostly everyone is afraid of, and I don’t know why. Everyone has their own reasons, and yes sometimes it puts you in scary positions. But it’s how you work through all of it, and the overall outcome is successful. If you have a certain amount of time just for yourself, take advantage of it. Explore, create, act, react and see what you can achieve. Sometimes you can even find new things you love, and maybe that can even apply to a future endeavour. Unemployment doesn’t have to be so scary my friends, not at all.




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