Turning 23

2017-01-11 02.16.18 1.jpgMore often now, the world freaks out about the age of twenty. But, when your twenty you’re in the midst of universities hands, you’re eager to get out and see what your next big new chapter is. You’re so close to getting out, that your biggest goal consists of finishing that last final and handing in that essay. When you’ve hit twenty-three you wonder what in the hell you’re doing with your life.

You probably will bounce back to that retail job you had in high school, maybe move home with mom and dad, who knows. I remember being thirteen thinking that by the time I was the glorious age of twenty-three, that I would be head of my career. I would probably be married and maybe have a nice starter house. Hell I would be thinking about a family. You know what I’m thinking about now? When is the next pizza night, and where is the wine because I totally thought we had one bottle kicking around.

My best friend and I have decided that twenty-three is just the ugliest number. It’s not fun, no one truly cares about the age. As Blink 182 says, “No one likes you when you’re 23” they are not wrong. When you’re twenty you think, “Oh my god I’m in my twenties!”. When you’re twenty-one you say, “I can drink in the States now!” and when you’re twenty-two you have that ridiculous song “I’m feeling 22” by Taylor Swift to have as your theme song for a fucking year. But, twenty-three is just ugly.

I jest about the number twenty-three, but really it IS just a number. It doesn’t define where we should be or who we should be. I was thirteen, I was in love with Indiana Jones what did I know? And yes, I was in love with Indiana Jones, not Harrison Ford. In my mind they were two different people, because ten years ago Harrison didn’t look like how Indiana did.

Twenty-Three is just that awkward number. You’re passed the fun phase of early twenties, heading into that weird middle area. Everyone around you is starting to become highly successful, getting married and having kids. So many changes, and again there are a few like me that are still looking for that pizza.

Everyone is their own twenty-three, hell my mom was married when she was twenty-one. I think people need to know the world just works with you at  your own pace. You create your own story and paths to take, and twenty-three will be as good as you make it. Here’s to trying to make twenty-three better? Yes, better.





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